Terms and Conditions

This document provides a general outline of the services provided between Storybook Getaways (the Agency), An Independent Affiliate of Strong Travel Services, Inc. a Texas Corporation and the Client.

Terms & Conditions


The Agency is a for profit corporation that works on a transactional fee, professional planning fee and supplier paid commission schedule. Associated costs of accommodations, airfare, transportation, etc. are billed separately and in addition to booking & service fees. Promotional periods may apply. Cancellation fees may apply. Services added after travel begins (last minute reservations, changes, etc.) may incur additional planning fees.

  • Booking & Service fees are non-refundable.
  • Suppliers are independent providers and do not act on behalf of the Agency, are not servants, agents or employees of the Agency, and are not in a joint venture or affiliates of the Agency – sales are processed and maintained by independent providers and subject to their respective policies for cancellation and refund
  • As of this date the agency’s transactional fee per adult airline ticket issued is $39.00. (adult is considered above 16 years old)
  • Airline schedules are accessed via the SABRE system and quoted on the most direct routing offered and most up to date pricing
  • All airline tickets sales are processed and funds maintained by the airline, the Agency works within all airline policies for sales and refunds.
  • Supplier pricing (i.e. airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruises and so on) is not guaranteed until purchased by the Agency with client’s approval
  • The Agency may quote pricing in supplier’s local currencies and is subject to currency fluctuations
  • Rates quoted will not include taxes or service fees, unless specified
  • The Agency will advise the Client of all passport and visa requirements ONLY IF the Agency is purchasing & confirming the Client’s airline tickets (US citizens only)
  • The Agency can suggest visa services but will not be directly involved in the processes in securing client visas
  • A supplement of $100 per person may apply for bookings with multiple points of departure
  • The Agency requires a completed traveler profile and copies of valid passports for all travelers
  • The Agency will not maintain any client PIN or pass code access information
  • The Agency will only work with mileage/loyalty programs that allow access without the use of a PIN or “out of reach” personal information
  • The Agency maintains a reasonable amount of cyber security on all files and internet access points
  • The Agency requires all employees and associates to sign confidentiality agreements and maintains a reasonable amount of cyber security on all files and internet access points.
  • The Agency recommends travel insurance be purchased for every itinerary within 14 days of initial payment
  • The Client agrees to meet supplier-imposed deadlines for approval and payment
  • The Client agrees to provide Storybook Getaways, An Affiliate of Strong Travel Services, Inc. with current documentation relating to travel such as Passport, Known Traveler Identification Number, Frequent Flyer Numbers, Hotel Program Numbers, etc.
  • The Client agrees to verify and be aware of all State Department Travel Warnings, CDC issued Travel requirements and/or recommendations before and during travel.
  • The Client agrees to provide a valid credit card for payments and authorizes Storybook Getaways and Strong Travel Services, Inc. use the card for purchases on their behalf.

Strong Travel Services, Inc. (“Strong Travel Inc”) and its representatives, agents, officers, directors, employees, affiliates and insurers act solely as “a booking agent” for travel services and related products based upon the criteria supplied by you. Therefore, Strong Travel Services, Inc. disclaims all responsibility regarding the actual travel services and related products that are purchased. Once a booking is completed through Strong Travel Services, Inc. any funds received from you by Strong Travel Services, Inc. are sent directly to the actual supplier of the service or product. If you have a complaint with or about the actual supplier, you cannot hold Strong Travel Services, Inc. responsible. Any acts, errors or omissions of independent suppliers (such as airlines, cruise lines, tour or ground operators) are not the responsibility of Strong Travel Services, Inc. Under no circumstance will Strong Travel Services, Inc. be or become liable or responsible for any illness, injury or damage (including consequential and incidental damages) to persons or property in connection with any accommodations, transportation or other services or products purchased, even if those services are canceled, delayed or not available at the time of travel. Under no circumstances will Strong Travel Services, Inc. be liable or responsible in any way for any acts of third parties that disrupt or prohibit the receipt of any service or product, such as riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, overbooking, weather or other events.

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